Medium, Alexander Magic Clear™

  • $24.95

One of the keys to the Alexander Wet-on-Wet Technique of oil painting is the base coat of medium.

Alexander Magic Clear™ prepares the canvas with a smooth, tacky surface which will remain wet for several days, allowing Alexander oil colors to glide on smoothly and mix easily.

Our new Non-Toxic Formula is as clear as water and will allow your colors to show through making your paintings more vibrant than ever. Magic Clear™ will not drip or run on your canvas like many other cheaper grade oils. Over time, and with great care taken in the way it is produced, Alexander Magic Clear™ is a safe alternative to other oil mediums used in painting.

Use it to:

  • thin Alexander oil paints for highlighting, glazing and drawing purposes
  • prepare a black canvas
  • "oil out." (a thin layer of oil applied to a dry painting enabling the artist to rework or touch up.)
  • paint in an enclosed studio without toxic fumes
  • provide a finished coat to protect your painting and make the colors stand out.

We ship Alexander Magic Clear™ in the leak-proof bottle.

We work hard to make sure your paintings are as bright and beautiful as they can be. Try some Alexander Magic Clear™ today