Canadian Sunset

Canadian Sunset

  • $17.95

Bill loved Canada. It was the country which welcomed him after he emigrated from his home in Germany. Bill traveled extensively in Canada and painted many wonderful scenes from the many places he visited. This month's painting honors the golden sunsets he saw frequently as he traveled.

This is an easy painting using only two colors and white and black. Bill also uses a black canvas to help accentuate the light effect he wants to create in this painting. It is an excellent painting for beginners and intermediate painters alike. For you with more experience, what can you add to the painting to make it more your own without losing the mood that Bill creates with just a few colors? Watch and learn! Skill Level:  2

To create your black canvas, just use regular black acrylic house paint and put one or two coats on your canvas. (We suggest coating the back of your canvas as well. We recommend Valspar #391034 Base C. This is a primer that is tinted with black by the sales clerk.)



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