Alexander Magic Highlighting Yellow - 2.5 oz

Alexander Magic Highlighting Yellow - 2.5 oz

  • $36.95

This versatile, new product to the Alexander line is made with Alexander's Magic Clear™ -- creating a Non-Toxic paint. No smelly thinners means you can use this paint without fear of harmful fumes found in most other art supplies. And because the oil is clear, Magic Highlighting Yellow™ produces vibrant paintings that will not darken over time.  It creates great "stacking properties," too -- applying multiple layers of paint on top of each other.  It can be used to provide background effects or to highlight objects in the foreground. Magic Highlighting Yellow's™ consistency makes it perfect for highlighting without adding thinners. If needed, Magic White™ can be added to lighten it.

Now in our new air-tight pump. Less wasted paint. Lasts longer!

2.5 oz container