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A Private Lesson with Bill Alexander

Alexander Art

A Private Lesson with Bill Alexander

$ 69.95

Bill Alexander is the artist who started it all. Now join Bill in his studio for this 118-minute technique video featuring an in-depth look at landscape painting techniques. Learn from the best!

This video forms the core of Alexander Art's "Fundamentals" Art Course. We've taken this DVD and broken it down into easy to follow step-by-step lessons. We've also added additional content to the "Fundamentals" Art Course including two complete paintings to practice and hone the techniques you learn in the online course.

The total cost for the "Fundamentals" Art Course is only $79. This DVD option is for those who don't have a broadband internet connection or who would prefer a DVD. It does NOT include the additional content in our online course. You can get more information and enroll in Bill's "Fundamentals" Art Course at the link below.

Learn to paint with Bill Alexander's "Fundamentals" Art Course.

"Fundamentals" Paint Pack - paint and medium for the "A Private Lesson" DVD or the "Fundamentals" Art Course.

Beginner's Brush Kit - brushes and tools you'll need for the "A Private Lesson" DVD or the "Fundamentals" Art Course


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