Medium and Premium Paint Special

Medium and Premium Paint Special

  • $114.80

For the first time, Alexander Art brings you our finest premium paint and mediums.

Most of you are already familiar with our Magic White™. It's the best way to begin your wet-on-wet painting adventure. What you may not be aware of is that our Magic White™ contains our crystal clear oil. What's important is what our medium does not contain:  harmful, smelly solvents and thinners. In fact, our Magic White™ has a scent of lavender. The soothing and relaxing properties of lavender are legendary.

Alexander Artist's Black™ has many uses - it can be used to create black backgrounds for silhouettes, still lifes, florals, etc.  It can be added to the other colors to "gray them down."  Its great properties enable the artist to put various colors on top of one another.  It's synergetic with all of the other Alexander colors which means it is made to combine with any of the other paints in order to create deeper values and shadows.

Alexander Magic Highlighting Yellow™ is a versatile, new addition to the Alexander line. Made with Alexander's Magic Clear™ -- you can use this paint without fear of harmful fumes found in most other art supplies. And because our oil is crystal clear, Magic Highlighting Yellow™ produces vibrant paintings that will not darken over time.

Both paints offer great "stacking properties," too -- applying multiple layers of paint on top of each other.  It can be used to provide background effects or to highlight objects in the foreground. Magic Highlighting Yellow's™ consistency makes it perfect for highlighting without adding thinners. If needed, Magic White™ can be added to lighten it.

Our Magic Clear™ is the most beautiful oil on the market. It is absolutely crystal clear (like water). Concentrated, you'll use 1/4 of the amount of oil compared to our old Magic Clear™. No solvents or thinners in this oil. This oil is the safest oil on the market.

If you want more beautiful oil paintings, you won't find a better paint than Bill's premium paint and mediums!

 Premium Paint Package includes:

  • 2.5 oz Alexander Magic Highlighting Yellow™
  • 2.5 oz Alexander Artists' Black™
  • 1 oz Alexander Magic Clear™
  • 8 oz Alexander Magic White™