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Save Money- Paint Smarter!

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None of us like to throw away our hard-earned money on wasted paint, especially Bill! No one was more conscious of the cost of painting than Bill. He struggled financially for most of his early career, and you can bet he didn’t waste a drop of paint. If you watch closely in many of his videos he barely puts any color on his palette. Luckily, by following the Bill Alexander Wet-on-Wet Painting Method, you’ll be able to save money on quality paint, too!

We’re going to let you in on a little secret that can help save you save a ton of money… better quality paint will help you create beautiful paintings. Guess how many colors the Old Masters used in their paintings? Many, such as Velázquez and Rembrandt, used a very limited palette — three colors at most! We’re talking about quality over quantity here. As Bill would say, “Red, yellow and blue will do!”

Get started today with the best oil paints on the market! We still make the paint according to Bill’s formula using all NON-TOXIC ingredients that provide the thickness, firmness and dryness necessary for Bill’s wet-on-wet painting techniques.

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