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How to paint safe

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The Internet is full of DIY quick fixes and shortcuts. Some good….some bad. Recently, we came across a YouTube video showing people how to make your own paint medium. The man talked about using a formula made of two-thirds mineral spirits. YIKES!

He warned viewers of the dangers of mineral spirits. In fact, he referred to mineral spirits as “the most dangerous thing on your palette” and called it “not completely safe.” Again, YIKES!

It’s clear that this CAN’T be good for you! We realized this ourselves over a decade ago and decided it was time to do something. Alexander Art created a new oil medium. We even got our oil medium certified as non-toxic!

We make our oil the same way Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo made their oil. If you think the Renaissance artists weren’t environmentally conscious, think again!

Alexander Art believes in safe painting. We removed thinners and solvents from all our products. We use vegetable oil, soap, and water to clean up. We use baby wipes (we call them “Art Wipes”) to clean brushes while painting. We use paper towels

Why buy products made in chemical factories?

You can do better than that. We can help!

If you want to see what a safe, non-toxic oil medium can do for your painting, check out ours.

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