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A Great Idea!

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We’re sharing this brilliant money-saving idea with you from Alexander Master Artist Tom Anderson because we thought it was just too good not to share! It’s a great way to save money on one of the biggest consumables we all use — canvas. Although Bill painted on a large canvas (he loved the big surface) we’re suggesting that you start with a smaller canvas and work up to the larger ones as your skills increase. Not only will the smaller sizes cut down on the amount of paint you need, but it also works well with the smaller brushes like the fan, the script liner, and the 1” foliage brush.

Tom’s great idea was to create a practice board. This board can be anything from a simple piece of plywood to what we prefer, a cradled birch panel. Plywood can be cheaper, but you don’t want it to warp. If you get a thicker piece of plywood, the wood gets heavy and awkward to move between practice sessions. The cradled birch panel seems to work the best when you sand it & add a couple of coats of enamel-based primer to it. Using the practice board is an excellent way to try a technique before applying it to your final painting. Or you can just practice making mountains, trees, and foliage. It’s a great money saver.

When you are ready for a canvas, we sell beautiful side-stapled canvas designed for frame mounting to show off your work!

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