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Bill shares the only 3 colors you'll need (all available in our store)

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Were you overwhelmed with all the color choices when you started painting? I know I was. Bill simplifies the entire issue telling us we only need Yellow, Red & Blue! Don't overcomplicate it. Purchase our Primary Paint Pack today!   

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How to make your paintings jump off the canvas

One of our members wrote to us asking what colors Bill used to create distant and closer trees in one of his paintings. The short answer is…the color is not important. He could have used any color or any combination of colors he wanted. What is important is the VALUE of the color he’s using. One of the elements of perspective is the value of the objects in your painting. The farther away an object is, the lighter in value it will be. The farther away an object is from the viewer, the more of these particles get in the...

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Our unlimited capacity for creativity

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Do you doodle while you’re on the telephone? Do you whistle while walking down the street? Do you sing in the shower? That, my friend, is your creative power trying to get out. You may think you have no talent or creativity, but you do. Your creative power tickles you all day long. You can’t repress it any more than you can curb the pangs of hunger when you haven’t eaten for half a day. You have to feed your creative power just like you have to feed your stomach. But while you can eat too much you can never...

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A Great Idea!

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We’re sharing this brilliant money-saving idea with you from Alexander Master Artist Tom Anderson because we thought it was just too good not to share! It’s a great way to save money on one of the biggest consumables we all use — canvas. Although Bill painted on a large canvas (he loved the big surface) we’re suggesting that you start with a smaller canvas and work up to the larger ones as your skills increase. Not only will the smaller sizes cut down on the amount of paint you need, but it also works well with the smaller brushes like...

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Save Money- Paint Smarter!

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None of us like to throw away our hard-earned money on wasted paint, especially Bill! No one was more conscious of the cost of painting than Bill. He struggled financially for most of his early career, and you can bet he didn’t waste a drop of paint. If you watch closely in many of his videos he barely puts any color on his palette. Luckily, by following the Bill Alexander Wet-on-Wet Painting Method, you’ll be able to save money on quality paint, too! We’re going to let you in on a little secret that can help save you save a ton of...

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