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When we know better, we do better!

art artist nontoxic oilpaint paint

One of our members submitted a great question about the use of paint thinners. She was interested in not using solvents to clean and didn’t know that the original paints from Bill Alexander needed turps to clean. The fact is, Alexander oil paints never needed  turps or solvents to clean brushes. The paint today is the same Bill used on his television show over thirty years ago. In Bill’s day, cleaning with thinners was the traditional practice. Bill wasn’t crazy about using thinners, though. We have a video clip of Bill talking about looking for an alternative to thinners. He just couldn’t find...

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What sets our paint apart?

art artist nontoxic oilpaint paint paintsupplies

A member of our Facebook group recently asked if you can mix two different brands of oil paint within the same painting. This is a good question! Our response? Well, sure you can mix oil paints like you can mix different brands of motor oil. Unfortunately, you may not get the results you want. The additives oil companies add to their products make them unique. Mixing two different brands could be disastrous. The ingredients in our paint are not the same as in other paint. For example, we do not use linseed oil in our paint. Linseed oil has been known for centuries to yellow...

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How to paint safe

art artist nontoxic oilpaint paint paintingmedium

The Internet is full of DIY quick fixes and shortcuts. Some good….some bad. Recently, we came across a YouTube video showing people how to make your own paint medium. The man talked about using a formula made of two-thirds mineral spirits. YIKES! He warned viewers of the dangers of mineral spirits. In fact, he referred to mineral spirits as “the most dangerous thing on your palette” and called it “not completely safe.” Again, YIKES! It’s clear that this CAN’T be good for you! We realized this ourselves over a decade ago and decided it was time to do something. Alexander Art created a new...

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Bill shares the only 3 colors you'll need (all available in our store)

art artist oilpaint paint paintsupplies

Were you overwhelmed with all the color choices when you started painting? I know I was. Bill simplifies the entire issue telling us we only need Yellow, Red & Blue! Don't overcomplicate it. Purchase our Primary Paint Pack today!   

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How to make your paintings jump off the canvas

One of our members wrote to us asking what colors Bill used to create distant and closer trees in one of his paintings. The short answer is…the color is not important. He could have used any color or any combination of colors he wanted. What is important is the VALUE of the color he’s using. One of the elements of perspective is the value of the objects in your painting. The farther away an object is, the lighter in value it will be. The farther away an object is from the viewer, the more of these particles get in the...

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